Company profile

In 1999 Mr. Adel El Khoury and sons founded ALFACO. In 2008 the company was changed to ALFACOTRADE SAL, a Lebanese enterprise that deals in the corn silage production and distribution. It is located in Terbol in the Central Bekaa Valley of Lebanon and employs 30 staff in its administrative and production departments.

ALFACOTRADE specializes in the production and the commercialization of animal feed stuffs through an efficient supply and distribution system. It covers agricultural sectors in Lebanon and has also developed export markets in the Middle East.

ALFACOTRADE invests agriculture land for the production of wheat, yellow corn and similar produce.

ALFACOTRADE SAL is also part of SOFRM holding company which includes 14 other companies and whose scope of business includes sale of cattle, transport, animal nutrition, vessels for maritime transport, with focus on import to Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey.

SOFRM has several farms in this area and it imports cows from Europe, Uruguay and Brazil by means of its own vessels, and it has its own maritime company and is an agent at the seaport in Beirut.

ALFACOTRADE is a representative of PIONEER international company for corn seeds and inoculants, as well as representatives for ORKEL for packing silage. As of this year, ALFACOTRADE is an agent of Fimaks, Turkey, for agricultural equipment.

Main objectives

ALFACOTRADE's main objectives in the agricultural sectors in the Middle East are to:

  • Produce corn silage
  • Provide forage solutions to farmers
  • Purchase raw material from local farmers
  • Pack all kinds of forage
  • Sell and distribute products to dairy and meat production farms and meat vessels in the local and export markets

Target groups

ALFACOTRADE's target groups in the market are divided into three main categories:

  • Regional and international client base: small clients, large clients and export markets
  • Public sector: governmental institutions and ministries
  • Private sector: cooperatives, foundations and NGOs.

The company invoices around 10 million US Dollars annually in trading with the local and international markets. The global trade quantity is 100,000 tons per year including more than 20,000 tons in export.

Products and services

ALFACOTRADE produces and sells:

  • Corn silage
  • Alfalfa
  • Cereals
  • Straw and hay
  • Barley and vetch
  • Pellets
  • Forage input: seeds and equipment (planters and harvesters).

In addition, and due to the limited agricultural surface area in Lebanon and the increasing demand from clients, ALFACOTRADE purchases feed from all over the world for its farms and for selling to clients. It currently imports:

  • Sugar beet pulp from Egypt
  • Corn and barley from Romania and Ukraine
  • Alfalfa pellets and bales from Italy.

ALFACOTRADE also uses sub-products from several factories in Lebanon such as brewers grain from Heineken factory, and chips and corn flakes from local factories.

All goods can be delivered across the entire Lebanese territory with competitive prices owing to the transportation chain of ALFACOTRADE.

Why ALFACOTRADE can offer a better service?

  • ALFACOTRADE has established strategic knowledge of silage production techniques and has gained experience through a long family history in farming and connection with farmers
  • ALFACOTRADE is well positioned geographically at the center of the Bekaa Valley
  • ALFACOTRADE has a well established client base built on a trustworthy relationship.

If you share interest in our company it will be our pleasure to start an active cooperation with your institute, and we will be glad to have you here as a guest visitor to show and introduce our establishment and our products.